About Us

What started out as a small t-shirt shop in the middle of downtown Corinth has grown into Northeast Mississippi’s premier place to find name brand clothing.  

Shirley Dawg’s opened in February 2012 in a small building on Fillmore St.  We focused on area high school designs and hometown logos.  After a year, we noticed the lack of a men’s clothing store in the area and decided to change our direction towards a retail store.   

After looking at a few properties, we received a phone call from two local businessmen asking if we would be interested in relocating to a new development they had been working on.  After much thought and prayer we decided to go for it.  The SoCo District is located on Wick Street three blocks south of the courthouse.  We moved into our new building in March 2013 and started growing faster than we ever imagined!  In May 2013, we decided to add the connecting building next door and grew again.  We now had over 2600 square feet of showroom.  The SoCo District has taken the area by storm with all 14 buildings now under lease.

With the overwhelming support of our customers, we decided to expand yet again in 2015.  We purchased a two-story building on the same block that increased our showroom size to over 5000 square feet and provided us ample room to carry women’s clothing also.  We opened November 5th and love the new location.

Thank you to our loyal customers here in Corinth and also in the surrounding towns for your tremendous support.  We look forward to seeing you and hope Shirley Dawg’s can continue to be a mainstay in the SoCo District in Downtown Corinth!

-Brian and Julie